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FocalPoint solutions
Core Competencies

Aligning technology capabilities with business processes

Aligning business processes and requirements to understand change and create a business case

Defining and aligning scope and customer experience impact

Defining and aligning operational impact

Defining overall physical and logical solution architecture

Defining high level and detailed business case

Creating change management plan

Program and project management of complex technology initiatives

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FocalPoint solutions

Unified Communications & multi-channel integration

Leveraging unified communications technology to "communication-enable" business processes across interaction channels - delivering a transformational customer experience.

Portal Experience

Program management, business architecture, and solution architecture for customer-facing portal.

Cloud and Healthcare

Define, deliver and manage Healthcare cloud capabilities and collaboration tools to the marketplace.

Human Emulation Software

Leveraging human to computer interaction to bring greater efficiency, consistency and accuracy to the customer experience.

CRM and Healthcare

Applying deep customer experience knowledge and expertise to the Healthcare industry supporting the transformation to consumer-driven Healthcare.

Social networking platform for seriously ill and their caregivers

Providing project management and creative design services in the delivery of this solution to the marketplace.

Information and Analytics

Aligning and architecting the future of information and analytics in a world of static and dynamic context, complex event processing, activity streams, unstructured data, and multi-channel integration.

Consumer-Driven Healthcare Applications

Leading and driving design and architecture of consumer facing healthcare applications for key business processes.

Solution selection, integration and line of sight to return on investment (ROI) has become more and more challenging.

The growing complexity of business and organizational architecture, customer experience requirements, breadth of product offerings and expanding interaction channels make it difficult to carve out an implementation strategy.

The complexity of enterprise architecture has also created barriers including speed to market, cost of integration, and low implementation success (generally less than 20% of technology projects succeed).

The next 10 years will introduce a new set of challenges for companies that offer solutions to organizations “in transition”:

  • Cloud services – where do they fit in our technical, customer, and business ecosystem?
  • What does our new support environment look like that mixes hosted and on premise solutions?
  • How do I think about enterprise capability modeling and the transition strategy to cloud?
  • How do I stay relevant with my customers with the transition to a mobile, connected, transparent, social environment?

FocalPointe Group specializes in understanding complex business environments and determining the best path to business value through technology.

We support the end to end solution process:

  • Defining/understanding business drivers
  • Business case development
  • Technology selection process
  • Implementation planning/phasing
  • Solution and business architecture
  • Solution delivery
  • Change management & adoption
We specialize in execution of this end to end process, regardless of technology.
Our Beliefs:
  • The best solution does not guarantee the best results.
  • Knowing the implementation environment is more important to success than knowing the specific technical solution & capabilities.
  • The business must own, define and understand solution architecture
Our Aspirations:
  • Help prepare our Clients and their Customers for the implications and opportunities created with context-aware computing.
  • Help our Clients migrate from a silo'd channel interaction model to a communication-enabled process model.
  • Partner with our Clients to re-define their enterprise capability model, leveraging cloud services to reduce cost and increase responsiveness/agility.
  • Provide leadership to our Clients as they transition from a physical contact center environment to a logical customer interaction model.

FocalPointe Solutions Delivers

Improved solution selection

Selecting the right solution, not just the best solution

Improved implementation success rate

Dedicated, focused team to drive from "Belief to Implementation"

Improved business results

Defining and managing to results throughout project lifecycle