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Core Competencies

  • Activity Ownership and Execution
  • Process Ownership and Execution
  • Capability Ownership and Execution

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FocalPoint source

We manage external talent in support of non-core processing activities, enabling our clients to focus on their most critical business functions.

Defining your core competencies and value proposition to your customers has never been more important than now.

Disruptive market forces such as Cloud, VOIP/UC, Big Data, and the Internet of Things will challenge every aspect of your business bringing extreme transparency as well as a competitive environment beyond anything we have seen to date.

This transformation in progress is both a threat and an opportunity. Companies that win will focus and compete on those things that make them great, and transition out the rest of the noise to trusted “network partners.”

We do not compete in the outsourcing business. We create very specific, highly integrated teams and capabilities that “network in” to our Clients business, delivering overall value and protecting and enabling the core.

Our sourcing work is an outcome, not an offering.  As part of an “ecosystem modeling” effort, we help construct the right mix of internal and external capabilities, challenging the current state and creating a path to a new future state.  By partnering closely with our Clients through this process, we are able to define services that help improve focus, reduce cost, and protect competitive position. We work with our client to identify:
  • Dependencies on internal process and technology
  • Where it makes sense, and does not make sense, to outsource
  • Alternative outsource models, such as offshoring, domestic outsourcing, and homeshoring
We implement, or support the implementation of, the strategic outsourcing strategy for our clients from technology through staffing through long term human capital management.
Our Beliefs:
  • Over the next 10 years, the companies that succeed will have an extreme focus on their core competencies and value proposition to their customers... relevance.
  • To maintain this relevance, there will be a shift toward in-sourcing many functions that in the past have been outsourced.
Our Aspirations:
  • Through business ecosystem modeling, we aspire to help our Clients hone their focus and their business success with their Customers by supporting their non-core functions.

FocalPointe Source Delivers

Clarity and Alignment

Highly integrated processes and activities

Commitment and Action

Quality and consistent delivery


Engaged and responsive teams