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FocalPoint strategy
Core Competencies

Systems Thinking and Design Thinking

The ability to understand how things influence one another within a whole and applying that understanding to form creative solutions to complex situations.

Story-Building and Story-Telling

The ability to create and convey the shared beliefs and intent of an initiative with the purpose of aligning the actions of a broad, multi-faceted team.

Sense-Making: Development of Mental Models

The ability to create and capture awareness and understanding in situations of high complexity or uncertainty in order to make decisions

Complex Planning:

The ability to define and execute initiatives that have significant internal and external dependencies, multiple phases, assumptions and risks that require continued monitoring and leadership as the initiative matures

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FocalPoint strategy

In-sourcing/outsourcing strategy

Helped Fortune 500 company determine mix of in-sourcing and outsourcing based on customer experience, cost and quality.

Customer engagement and loyalty strategy

Helped company transition from product-centric strategy to a customer-centric strategy, improving loyalty and wallet share.

Market strategy

Helped Fortune 100 company determine current state position, growth potential, and market strategy to increase revenue and share.

Operations consolidation strategy

Defined strategy to consolidate operations, gain efficiency, reduce cost, and protect the customer experience.

Capital allocation and portfolio prioritization strategy

Helped Fortune 100 company re-define their capital allocation and prioritization process resulting in a reduction in annual budget and increased visibility and impact of spend.

Customer experience strategy

Helped Fortune 500 company define CE strategy that included customer segmentation strategy, customer value analysis, channel strategy, and lifecycle strategy.

Healthcare compliance strategy

Helped Fortune 100 company address significant state compliance issues, avoiding loss of business.

Build and manage Enterprise PMO

Defined processes and tools to improve execution and results from capital investments.

Healthcare innovation research and development

Discovery, incubation, development and implementation of innovative ideas into the marketplace.

We provide leadership talent to help bring clarity and action to complex business situations.

Dedicated to helping companies accelerate their most important initiatives through the application of leadership thinking.

Determining the correct strategy for a company to follow requires a detailed understanding of the marketplace they serve, not just today, but with the insight as to where that marketplace is migrating in the future. Equally important is a well thought out and disciplined execution process to achieve the goals of that strategic plan. FocalPointe Group develops strategic plans with the intent of delivering results through enabling that strategy, therefore our deliverables are directly actionable.

FocalPointe Group’s Consultants, with their experience and overall operational expertise, have the skillsets necessary to bring clarity and action to our clients’ most complex business problems. Our strategic focus areas include:

  • Business and operating models
  • Customer Engagement & Experience
  • Healthcare transformation
  • Capital allocation & Governance/PPM
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Ecosystem modeling
  • Information Management

We define the scope of any business situation by four interdependent circles. We specialize in understanding, clarifying and leading through the intersection of these circles.

Our Beliefs:
  • Leadership will become the single most sought after capability in order to compete in the future.
  • Strategy is not strategy without a strong understanding of ability to execute.
  • Situation and context dictate structure - canned methodology does not work in dealing with complexity and dilemmas.
  • Best practice = what it takes to be average in your industry.
Our Aspirations:
  • Help our Clients prepare and leverage the massive disruption created by cloud, big data, mobile, VOIP, and Social - create strategic advantage with their customers.
  • Help our Clients define and protect their core competencies and value proposition with their customers, staying relevant.
  • Help our clients migrate to a new operating model and customer experience model, enabled through disruptive technology.

FocalPointe Strategy Delivers

Clarity and Alignment

The Why, What, How, When, Where, and Who. Establishing foundational understanding of the situation

Commitment and Action

Identifying/defining an implementation strategy that enables commitment to action across stakeholders


Sometimes you have to go slow first in order to go fast later. We help determine the right speed in order to optimize results and reduce risk.