FocalPointe Group

Different. Better.


We define, plan and orchestrate outcomes

  • We employ situation specific methods and tools to create customized, purpose-built paths forward for each client.

  • We specialize in complexity.

  • Our capabilities have proven to be transferable across all business verticals and client needs.

Why clients engage us

  • Drive Change

  • Resolve Execution Problems

  • Gain Clarity – Build Consensus

  • Optimize/Align Technology

  • Increase/Accelerate Growth

  • Perform Root Cause Analysis

  • Set Direction

  • Protect Position

  • Tune Performance

  • Assess Risk

  • Build New Capability

  • Expand Capacity

  • Identify/Protect Core

  • Drive Acquisition/Integration


How we’re different

At FocalPointe Group we strive to set ourselves apart from average performers and common practices. Within this mission we:

  • Design and work from the inside out to ensure situational context for client solutions.

  • Are agnostic with no formal alignment with any model, tool or method.

  • Build capability within our client organizations, not dependencies.

  • Do not blindly follow industry trends, but rationalize solutions within the context of client need.

  • Are capable of functioning broadly within an organization.

  • Have a purity of focus eschewing unfitting tactics and practices.

  • Earn loyalty through results.


Our approach

Focal Pointe Group Chart500.jpg

Principles that guide our work

Go beyond best practice.
Best practices are not leading practices and are generally 2-5 years behind business reality.

Drive to best total solution.
All business situations are unique. We architect an approach that is highly intentional and relevant to each client and delivers the best balance between all considerations.

Have the courage, confidence and energy to do what’s right.
We are agnostic in our approach and are not influenced by external parties, tools, methods or self-preservation interests.

Make great commitments.
Great execution begins with well-defined, communicated and aligned commitments. We do the hard work up front to ensure clear lines of accountability, dependency and target outcomes.

Values that guide our behavior

  • Maintain an open perspective in every situation.

  • Uphold a determination to solve problems.

  • Don’t underestimate the value of fundamentals.

  • Demand more. Make your mantra greater than trust, morals and ethics.

  • Build client capability, not dependency.

  • Finish the job.