Collaboration Network

FPG maintains a “collaboration network” of companies and associations that are strategic in addressing the key influencers disrupting client operating models today and in the future. This network was created with the following intentions and objectives:

  • To Influence - Help improve solutions and drive development roadmaps based on opportunities we see in the marketplace.

  • To Educate - Stay current with disruptive technologies and their fit/alignment in an increasingly complex client ecosystem.

  • To Collaborate and Contribute - Apply our collective experience and expertise to areas that are significantly influencing the design/architecture of a data-driven, compliant digital business for our Clients.

Their Focus: Advancing the concepts and practices of information and data resource management.

Why We Collaborate: We believe that Data is a critical Asset and needs to be treated as such. It is the foundation of quality for business operations and successful customer and consumer interactions. Privacy by design starts with the implementation of data governance.


Their Focus: Leadership and Cognitive Development

Why We Collaborate: At FPG, we believe human critical thinking and cognitive skills will become key differentiators in the digital age. We collaborate with Hall Katernick and Jane Hundley in both the development of our leadership team as well as our Clients.

Their Focus: Data Privacy Automation

Why We Collaborate: Privacy is driving significant disruption to every company’s operating model. We view Kristina Bergman and team at Integris as key thought leaders in the space of building technology to meet the growing demands of Privacy legislation in a digital world.

Their Focus: To promote U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness through Cyber security and privacy framework design.

Why We Collaborate: FPG participates in the definition of new standards and improving current ones to support their mission of being the world’s leader in creating critical and measurement solution and promoting equitable standards. NIST stimulates innovation, fosters industrial competitiveness, and improves the quality of life through the implementation of their published standards.

Their Focus: A global society dedicated to change agents who embrace the ideals of Operational Excellence, defined as the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance AND the circumstances of those who work there - to pursue Operational Excellence by design and not by coincidence.

Why We Collaborate: We volunteer to advance the global network of practitioner’s body of knowledge on how new technology drives new approaches for Business Process Improvement (BPI), Continuous Improvement (CI) and Lean Six Sigma.

We are part of the Members network and collaborate at meetings held in the United States, South America, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.

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