Pointe of the Week 7.19.19


July 19, 2019

Critical Thinkers: The Keystone of Data Analytics

How do you add value to the plethora of excellent data tools that have evolved in the last decade? Simple, add critical thinkers!

In response to our “big data” challenges, thousands of tools have emerged to help store, retrieve, manage, cleanse, visualize, mine and analyze data. Arguably, it’s the latter category, analytics, that has the greatest effect on leveraging the power of the data that we store. The icing on the cake, however, may not be a tool at all, but in fact, a person. The absence of a person who thinks critically is a gap that is all too common: one who has cross systems thinking and a strong problem-solving ability. These are critical thinkers. They will effectively augment tools by adding human ingenuity to decipher data patterns, create potent “what-if” scenarios and determine innovative ways to use data to support consumer needs. Make sure you have a critical thinker on your team!