Pointe of the Week 9.6.19


September 6, 2019

In a world of Agile and DevOps many development teams are asked to quantify technical debt without foundational quality training. As such the basic premise teams respond to is to make choices in the code, intentionally, to speed up development that is due today knowing we'd have to change it later.

Technical Risk Frameworks should consider the quality metrics of a software project & products created or used to measure Technical Risk versus Technical Debt so risk factors of code as it relates to Risk indicators: robustness, efficiency, security and Cost Indicators: Transferability, changeability, can collectively measure the Technical Risk of the Agile and DevOps Software development lifecycle. Speed is good but not at the cost of comprehensive impact of poor quality.

Let’s measure the total risk of a minimum viable product from the start to ensure user experience, functionality and Technical Risk Management drive effectiveness and efficiency at the same time. Quality by Design is the next frontier in coding.

I was recently asked where I would put ‘privacy’ in context of DevOps. Consider Robustness as a parent of ‘Privacy’. When developing or purchasing IT tools, consider lack of privacy as a technical debt risk factor.

Align Risk to CCPA.