What We're Reading - September 2019


September 20, 2019

This month is Malu’s recommendation: State of Readiness, in which author Joseph F. Paris Jr. shares how Operational Excellence (OE) is a precursor to becoming a high-performance Organization.

The book focuses on describing the competitive advantage as belonging to the companies that can quicken the vision-building and strategy-execution efforts where the hidden weapon is their ability to align their workforce through a set of agreed upon prioritization schemes.

Paris claims that the role of the C-Suite is challenged with the ability to swiftly guide the workforce through building a healthy tension between speed and quality and in doing so building a culture of continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance and the circumstances of those who work there.

I recommend reading this book because while it utilizes traditional methods to enable the reader to understand operational excellence it reminds us that ‘speed’ is the enemy of the 21st century and as such it is not only manufacturing businesses like Toyota, Motorola or GE who had to learn how to accelerate production with quality but in a digital world now we see the explosion of Data generation, consumption and monetization. So, as we start treating data as an asset our clients are always faced with the need to remember that if everything is a “burning platform,” then nothing is. We become numb.

It is unwise, unfair, and just plain wrong to believe that all data is to be treated equally. We must look at OE principles and methods to guide us through the prioritization of very complex problems such as solving for Privacy Regulation. I invite you to read this book to gain insights as to how to derive value from your projects and increase velocity while sustaining momentum. After all, it is the KATA of continuous improvement and evergreen readiness that we must exercise to Get Well and Stay Well in this era of more and more data and speed. And to close, welcome 5-G. Our future data super highway will push companies to learn how to become OE relevant in order to yield more focused value of privacy, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance investments.